Luna seems to have been migrated to the new PDS, and something's gone funky I suppose. I can see it on *my app* but not on Bluesky's own app
nevermind, it's the cache, I busted the cache and now I can't even see it on my app
the url in getProfile fails with 404 "Source image is unreachable", so most probably a bug that needs reporting. not sure who to ping for this tho
yeah I did some back and forth with David, the blob doesn't seem to exist on morel PDS at all mind if I ping the Bluesky team members here to check?
interesting points to note: - the blob's expires header value is *yesterday*, this isn't indicative of anything it's just worth pointing out - listBlobs endpoint still lists this blob, so at the very least it *exists*, but getBlob isn't returning it properly
cc there seems to be some(?) blobs that have gone missing after the migration to the new PDS this isn't returning anything at all:…
Nothing will be permanently missing, if there are any issues we should be able to fix them. Please do let us know if you have any other reports or examples.