If there aren't engineers at Cloudflare that raised this failure scenario loudly and wanted to fix it, that'd be concerning. If it was raised but the work wasn't prioritized & incentivized(!) that'd also be concerning. I assume this will be a wake up call and we'll get a spicy incident report.
It gets worse, tbh. Similar outages have happened 2 or 3 times before (not quite as long impact as this time) and it still wasn’t fully addressed since. (I worked there from 2013-2021 as an SRE. Our concerns were often largely ignored.)
Damn. Not having used them much myself until recently, I've been somewhat disappointed so far, which has surprised me. Seems like they need new leadership, which is always a major gamble.
They’ve had a bunch of senior management changes since I left but I hear a lot of grumbling from people about some of the new folk. The C-suite and execs could certainly do with a shakeup.
how cloudflare management handled kiwifarms last year was an abomination. a shakeup would be the best thing they could do.