@pfrazee.com why are my etsy links not loading any link cards? Do you know? Who should I talk to about this? www.etsy.com/listing/1557...?
Unfortunately, Etsy is blocking requests for the necessary metadata 🙃
I wondering if they are waiting to see what this network becomes before allowing access.
Which services can connect to this one? As an author, it would be handy for me to know.
That is a bit odd. They may have implemented more aggressive blocking to prevent content scraping. I doubt they intend to block social cards as they exist here. Most servers aren't this aggressive and work fine.
Just gotta do the same thing you do for Twitter and pretend to be Googlebot.
I did try that and didn't work for me.
I'm pretty sure that's a similar reason to why cbc.ca news articles never work here. Our freakin country and that C-18 bill, i'd quite expect cbc to be blocking their content. Every single time, "the operation was aborted"
When will someone put a stop to this madness.