There are 2 million user accounts on Bluesky as of a few minutes ago! 🎉
Anyway to find out what number user I was?
And 3 of them are online sometimes!!!
I hope Bluesky continues to grow and also NOT become a dumpsterfire like Twitter was (and still is)
brilliant milestone! hope your servers are still ok lol
Want do do a \t before that query and share the time it takes to get results on a highly not recommend count(*)?
count * is faster than you might think even if it’s not “fast”, it’s totally fine to run on tables 10x this size
You /can/ do it, but it's considered inefficient for... Decades.
that just means that understanding is decades obsolete. count(*) is not expensive (absent DBA malpractice or MapReduce)
yeah but that’s fine. computers are much faster now. I regularly do this, just not in a user query
I have 5 connects that I can't share with anyone. Because they don't want.
And the platform is extremely creaky when loading, today! I mean, how many times am I going to have to sign in? 💙
That is unusual. All systems are operating well. Ensure you're not being blocked by a VPN or ad blocker or similar. But we'll look into it. Thanks for the report.
Thank you for the feedback. This is the first time that I've had this issue with Blue Sky.
I'm a simple man, I see a db query I upvote
A month ago, we heard that Bluesky had gone from 1.0 to 1.5 million in less than a month. Now it took a month to add the next 0.5 million users. So growth has decelerated?
Looks like still a ways to go to catch up with Mastodon:
I just got an invitation code from Bluesky this weekend. After canceling my account a year ago at the other place, I was starting to lose hope 🙃. Happy to finally be here 😌!
Sir! How absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for giving us an alternative to the site-that-shall-not-be-named. I managed to import nearly all the regular contributors to the Mystery Jukebox, a small but well loved Saturday music-sharing thing. I couldn't have done it without you. 🤗🤩 I was unable to upload videos on Bluesky. Also, I am not seeing enough engagement on the app. One other problem is that I am not finding enough people here to follow.
I'll get more excited when it's 2 billion and a proper British billion
That’s great news. Who do I ask for help please? I can’t load photos this morning 😱
I would contact Bluesky Support
Thanks Mike but I’m sorted now, a sky friend suggested rebooting my phone - sorted 😊
You're welcome, and glad to see that all is okay. Enjoy your day.
I'm so happy I started learning postgres last month so i know what this means.
I’m one of the new ones, finally got my code. Time to tidy up my ‘other’ social media accounts
If your database is anything like the ones I work with, I’d rerun the query with SELECT DISTINCT just to be certain.
Congrats! Still very much a newcomer, but liking the environment, so far. Feeling much like a peeping Tom: watching quietly for now. Hoping for Bluesky to become available across the pond, some day🤞. Good luck to all and thank you.
That's plenty. Stop it there until we're all settled in please!
On guard everybody ! Non-engagement and block fingers at the ready !! 👍🤣
Please keep it simple. No gifs, video or other distractions. 🤗
Thanks to Postgresql ❤️ cc
Still really haven't connected with community like I thought I would. I feel like my posts get no traction, any thoughts?
Hope you will find it useful.
Congratulations, glad to have contributed.
And I received invitation code 8 hours ago. Possibly first in Montenegro!!!
I don't see music artists in here, feels like a lonely place and I can't upload a video.
Think you can add links to music videos just not embed them like photos (yet?). Also think this is why needs to enable #hashtags as it would make it easier to find communities of interest.
I totally agree. #hashtags are important in this app
Congrats! Been here 2 weeks. Its going to be good! ☀️
I’m new here. It feels small, but I like it. Hopefully I can find communities with similar interests.
Wooo wooo, this is incredible! Cannot wait to see what is in store for the future.
Good ol postgresql Thought we’d be on a nosql ting or maybe elasticsearch showed it hit 2 million earlier today. Do you know what's causing the discrepancy?
One of the things about a decentralized network is a lot of the numbers aren't exact. It's probably not counting deleted users correctly, which is fine, but a bit imprecise.
About deletion - but first, thanks for your incredible communicativeness, it's a big plus of this platform - I heard something on a German podcast about deleted posts not actually being completely deleted but still existing somewhere at some level. Was that accurate and if so is it going to change?
my guess would be that a deleted post is immediately deleted on the PDS, but that it could potentially take a few hours until that deletion is propagated to the BGS (Relay), which does store a copy of anything it recently loaded from any PDS?
congrats hopefully in the future this app will run well and have lots of good features in the next update
Looking forward to seeing how the platform changes and grows over time. Just don't make any mistakes like the other website has in recent days.
And I still have five codes I can’t give away.
Generally you can find someone looking if you still have a Twitter.
I think I’d rather give them to people I know. But thanks.
lmao there's 10-15 million accounts in mastodon
It felt like there was a moment where Mastodon was going to really succeed Twitter as the default option for this sort of social media but I'm afraid they missed their window when they refused quote posts and the journalists left.
So why are you here? Don't stay on our account.
yeah but on mastodon every post you make has to go through the Terms and Conditions of every single entitled autist's personal neuroses and you'll still have people crying about a picture of a beetle you did all their stupid warnings for so like, maybe don't brag about how full a toilet is
I am autistic. My wife is autistic. We're also both actually physically disabled, too, and trauma survivors. There's a pretty fat line between ableism and not tolerating obsessive control-freak behavior from a self-insulating esotericism-centric community.
Mastodon is also a lot more difficult to figure out than Bsky
yea, email and phone numbers are difficult too
And as many of a million of them don't suck!
Yeah, one is mine and I haven't touched it in a year.
sorry i’m still not using linux or whatever
EU? Greta Thunberg? Linus Torvalds And this is a very small list, there are many examples
But many are just zombies - like mine. Bluesky has much more engagement per user, I'd say.
All stuck in that maze they created and don't know the way out. I'm on mastodon BTW, not used it for years.
Very few people I followed post there any more. I go there less and less.
There's about 150 million on Threads. Userbase size is hardly indicative of the quality of a platform. 🤷 (That, and there are *zero* instances of *anything* on the Fediverse which can actually interact with accounts on *every* other instance. It's just not a thing.)
Exactly, having more options in social networks is surely better for everyone, right? Just use what you enjoy and what works for you 😊✨
Those figures depend on how you're counting. And also ...
I was showing how the number of *active* accounts is tanking, though overall numbers are growing. The stats show exactly the same trend.
Am I reading it right that only 785 active users had logged in in the last day??
nah, that’s a relative drop of 785 from the previous day 1.8 million active in the last day
lol that makes a lot more sense, I knew it was a ghost town when I last logged on but not THAT much of one
"created by Jack Dorsey" is really annoying me
jack is literally just the ideas guy of this place. executive producer credit at best.
Internet needs a Dorseybot, lol. I wonder how many people from bsky actually go to mastodon to make an account and be like bsky is better... I know most people here tried masto and were like - too complicated, too many restrictions, too many people telling I'm doing everything wrong.
I had accounts on multiple Masto servers, before bsky was even taking signups in 2022. It was kind of a pain in the ass, even though I was fine with the "drink from the firehose to find content" deal. Each instance was been deleted by their owners with no chance to move my account.
I didn't even try it because my entomology friends were complaining about being yelled at for not putting cw on like, dragonfly pictures.
> too complicated uh, i think email and phone are complicated too > too many restrictions if you are talking about the fact that you can’t be a xenophobe and discriminate against other people on independent grounds... Why didn't you stay on twitter? Or didn't go to truth social?
if i wanted to join a hellsite full of the exact kinda of assholes that made tumblr unusable i would just keep using bsky :^)
Demmit. I should have tagged it 😂😂 But I just meant more for the internet whenever someone looks for bsky..
You posted a video without a view count and a post that is over a year old.
you can at least post a video on mastodon
No one will see it or comment on it though.
It's like someone will see you, lol. My two posts here practically did not liked, unlike the mastodon.
The post is over a year old as Greta Thunberg barely uses Mastodon any longer, as even a quick visit to her profile would show.
oh wow is this the good stuff we're missing out on
Now give people the option to make their posts public!!
When i want to share a post i use this :
when I share a link to a post in an 'private Browser window' it asks me to login ... ?
"Private Browser Window" does no "remember" any settings you have on the non-private version of the same window. But you can sign in on that private window. The App - Blue Sky is a public app, meaning, anything we do here is open to the public. I heard DMs are coming... I am not sure when
but how can it be public if I need to sign in to see that link!? that's what I don't get. or how can I get a link that ANYONE can see? not just those with a Bluesky account.
Thank you for guiding me to an understanding of your question. Wishing you a great day.🎶
No - because Blue Sky is a beta product and not yet "public" Once they make it public, it should work same as Mastodon, twitter or other apps. There always be some type of barrier for people that are not "part of the club"
that's what I was trying to say the whole time! the posts are not public in the sense that people not on Bluesky can read them. which they should, imo
The situation is confusing. Unlike other sm platforms, "private list or forums" do not exist. In THIS way, Blue Sky (Bluetopia) is 100% public -so far. However the correct answer to your question, is "no" one has to be a BSky and be logged into the app to see posts.
FAQ Bluesky is a public social network. Think of your posts as blog posts – anyone on the web can see them, even those without an invite code. An invite code simply grants access to the service we’re running that lets you publish a post yourself.
but why does it ask me to login if I paste the link in a browser in which I am not logged into my Bluesky account?
You sure you don't have a few hundred thousand QA accounts in there? I'm suspicious of a table that responds so accurately with a simple query. Give me some 'WHERE lower(account) NOT LIKE lower(%test%)' or something
That's what the sandbox and staging environments are for!
Maybe... Maybe y'all SDLC like good devs... Maybe not...
It's user accounts, not users of course. For instance, some people have alts, even a lot of alts in some cases! There are about 500,000 user accounts active every day according to this stats site, that's a better measure of activity, but total accounts milestones are fun 😁🎉
Yes and no. Many users are active users (i.e. they actively read posts) yet do not create posts or even like posts.
True, so the number who are actively using the site will be higher still (although those statistics aren't publicly available)
It is also important to note that every platform has alt-users. So it is not required to exclude any alt-users when comparing numbers to Mastodon or Twitter.
I see some people with a dozen accounts on here.
I know that one person literally has dozens of accounts hehe wasn’t there 1m like last month
Well 2 months ago, but yeah, wild!
I don't know whether to be excited or concerned. I really like how blue sky is right now but i worry it will turn out like other social media platforms as more users join. 😭
It won't in the invite only stage that it's still in. Because it's all the same people inviting other sane people to join. Nazis, USSR and CCP nut jobs won't get an invite.
They already tried, though. Hopefully mods keep being swift and ruthless.
Damn, I'm 14 minutes early. 😁 I figured midnight.
I love that my alt is getting the classic pornbot follows now.
Love seeing these big (for Bluesky) like counts. Totally mind blowing after "big" ones having like 9 likes.
The lack of large-number formatting here screams “we had no idea it would get this large and frankly it scares us a little”
Please don’t change this! If you really need to add formatting please make it localisable (I.e no commas outside English locales) 🙏
I understand the idea of correct localization, but forgive me, do Finnish people not use any delimiters at all?
If needed, we use space, the internationally recommended thousands separator. Commas and such we save for decimals 🤓
We use the dot . for thousands grouping and the colon , as decimal fraction separator. Others use ' for thousands grouping and then there are cultures, were the grouping is different altogether (like India with lakh and crore instead of thousands: 1,23,45,678)
Hey congrats on getting 2 million accounts hope you reach another major mile stone such as maybe 3 mil? Anyways congrats and good luck for bluesky and all the users🎉🎉🎊🎊🥳🥳
cc do we plan to celebrate with bird pictures? 😁
congrats and hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats incredible!! 🙏🚀