There are 2 million user accounts on Bluesky as of a few minutes ago! ๐ŸŽ‰
lmao there's 10-15 million accounts in mastodon
Those figures depend on how you're counting. And also ...
I was showing how the number of *active* accounts is tanking, though overall numbers are growing. The stats show exactly the same trend.
Am I reading it right that only 785 active users had logged in in the last day??
nah, thatโ€™s a relative drop of 785 from the previous day 1.8 million active in the last day
lol that makes a lot more sense, I knew it was a ghost town when I last logged on but not THAT much of one
This shows the monthly stats, with daily change. Total users is for the wider fediverse, not just Mastodon, I think. The active users seems to count only federated instances. Same trend, though: Total up, activity down.
"created by Jack Dorsey" is really annoying me
jack is literally just the ideas guy of this place. executive producer credit at best.
Internet needs a Dorseybot, lol. I wonder how many people from bsky actually go to mastodon to make an account and be like bsky is better... I know most people here tried masto and were like - too complicated, too many restrictions, too many people telling I'm doing everything wrong.
I had accounts on multiple Masto servers, before bsky was even taking signups in 2022. It was kind of a pain in the ass, even though I was fine with the "drink from the firehose to find content" deal. Each instance was been deleted by their owners with no chance to move my account.
I didn't even try it because my entomology friends were complaining about being yelled at for not putting cw on like, dragonfly pictures.
> too complicated uh, i think email and phone are complicated too > too many restrictions if you are talking about the fact that you canโ€™t be a xenophobe and discriminate against other people on independent grounds... Why didn't you stay on twitter? Or didn't go to truth social?
if i wanted to join a hellsite full of the exact kinda of assholes that made tumblr unusable i would just keep using bsky :^)
if you donโ€™t like mastodon, youโ€™re a xenophobe seems pretty cut and dry
Crazy thing is, I don't even hate Mastodon that much, I just like Bluesky better by a huge margin
Demmit. I should have tagged it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ But I just meant more for the internet whenever someone looks for bsky..