There are 2 million user accounts on Bluesky as of a few minutes ago! 🎉 showed it hit 2 million earlier today. Do you know what's causing the discrepancy?
One of the things about a decentralized network is a lot of the numbers aren't exact. It's probably not counting deleted users correctly, which is fine, but a bit imprecise.
About deletion - but first, thanks for your incredible communicativeness, it's a big plus of this platform - I heard something on a German podcast about deleted posts not actually being completely deleted but still existing somewhere at some level. Was that accurate and if so is it going to change?
my guess would be that a deleted post is immediately deleted on the PDS, but that it could potentially take a few hours until that deletion is propagated to the BGS (Relay), which does store a copy of anything it recently loaded from any PDS?