@jacob.gold You might not be the right person to address this to... but I desperately want to create multithreaded posts (multi-post threads???). Where I can create sequential posts that each contribute to an overall thesis.
1/ You can just reply to your own post?
On the platform-that-must-not-be-named you can create these threads before submitting anything. Whereas afaik on here you have to reply to your own post. What happens if someone comments on 1/ before I finish submitting 2/ I honestly do not know.
Oh yes, we'll get that at some point I'm sure, but it's not there yet. Someone could create a tool or app for Bluesky that allows this, it's totally possible, but it's not in the official app yet.
I haven't used it myself but someone has created @threadwriter.bsky.social this.how/threadWriter...
I'll look into it after scheduling and inline translations, this is a highly requested one for me too As a bonus, you'll be able to schedule full threads too