(and no this does not mean bluesky is turning into mastodon) bsky.app/profile/emil...
can we use another word that's not federation? given that it's been wrongly interpreted this whole time by a lot of users aggregation seems to make a lot more sense especially since atproto revolves around relays/BGS to do the crawling
Personally, I like to just say that Bluesky is designed to be an open network as in "the web is an open network"
thats a much better term tbh, u guys should start using officially it in place of federation
If by calling it 'federation' ppl think it's like mastodon, it's not a good word. Mastodon doesn't work. It is not one community, like twitter used to be. I hope bsky can be like twitter for users, without being vulnerable for hijacking like twitter turned out to be.
Be like Vince McMahon and change it to 'Entertainment.'