Hey @jacob.gold - any chance cardyb could return the value of the “twitter:card” meta tag? It’d be cool if we could respect that in the apps
Probably an app change as well, but what's the idea? YouTube's value is: <meta name="twitter:card" content="player"> What would we do w/that?
currently bluesky uses the "large summary" card style on mobile and the "summary" style on desktop. It'd be better if websites signalled which style they'd prefer the embed to use. also currently YouTube links here have a play button placed on them but it's just hardcoded for youtube URLs - this...
...should instead be triggered by "twitter:card" being "player" so other video links also get the button
@mozzius.dev are you suggesting @jacob.gold inject this at the WAF level
tangential q, but are sites using twitter:card to target Twitter specifically with text baked into thumbnails?
twitter:card is specifically the card style, but yes there is twitter-specific descriptions I think